These are photos of the damage done to my hometown, Hattiesburg, MS. We had an absolutely massive tornado come through tonight, and i don’t think anyone could have been totally prepared for it. thankfully, no one i know was hurt/killed and everyone seems to have none or minor damage. The weird part for me is that all the places are incredibly significant for me.

The first picture is Ace Hardware in Petal (which is the small city directly next to Hattiesburg)…or it was. The building is no longer there. I live probably a mile at most from this location. I’ve driven past the building for as long as I can remember. I’ve had friends who worked there. I was there last week.

Second is the Alumni House on one of the local Universities’ (University of Southern Mississippi)’s campus. I graduated from there in 2011. I’ll be going back in the fall.

Third is Hardy Street (a main thoroughfare) and Elam Arms Residence Hall (the big building on the right). I lived in Elam for a my sophomore year at University. It was a shit-hole, and was actually scheduled to not be used anymore when I moved in, but they didn’t have enough Res Halls for all the incoming freshmen, so I was put there. I had a mushroom growing in my bathroom on the third floor. And Hardy Street is pretty much THE street in Hattiesburg. It connects one end of The Burg to the other. Everyone drives on this street.

Fourth is Foxgate Apartment Complex. My twin sister, her husband, and their one year old girl live there - not in the buildings shown, but about a block away. I lived there last year. In fact, I live in a building really close to the ones shown. The dumpster (hard to see - look closely by the red vehicle) shown is the one i used every week for a year. That grass is where I took my dog to potty.

Fifth is the Jazz Station on USM’s campus. It was a tiny building (i think it used to be a firehouse), but now it’s pretty much completely gone.

Sixth is Hardy Street. Another shot with Elam on the right, and if you know where to look, the Jazz Station used to be on the left.

I am absolutely baffled by these images. I live, work, play, shop, etc. here. I grew up here! I’m amazed that all my friends and family are safe and well, and I’m so incredibly thankful for the wonderful things that have shown up on my FB feed tonight. People usually seem so repulsive, but on nights like tonight, when we all need each other, it’s nice to know that we all really do care.

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